That one time, I had a downtown studio…

From December 2015 to February 2016, I was preparing a downtown Albertville portrait studio space.  As most of my work is done at my client’s homes or on-location, the studio was mainly going to provide a space in the colder months for traditional studio work and a meeting place for clients to see sample products.

Then, in an incredible answer to prayer, God redirected our lives to a home of our own.  And amazingly, it has a studio space already built-in and ready to serve the same purposes as the space downtown.  So I’ll be spending the next several months preparing our home for us to move-in and hopefully sharing some of the process with you along the way.

But, before I knew we were about be so blessed, I was playing with my precious niece and nephew doing some Valentine portraits.  And I’m so glad we have these shots that represent a transition to me that I wont ever forget.