HJ turns Six Months

Six months is possibly my absolute favorite age to photograph.  The squishy baby rolls, the eating of the toes, the constant smiles…it’s a golden time before they start to get really mobile and get into trouble. 🙂

Mama and I were crackin’ up at HJ on this morning because you would’ve thought she was getting paid for a modeling job…her little poses and expressions had us tickled.


but the toes.  in the mouth.  i can’t even.


outtakes? or no?  …depends on your perspective.  I’d say this is normal life…and that top middle.. “Hey! that’s tight enough with the hugs, okay?”

These might be my favorites.  Look at HJ pulling on big brother’s hoodie as he rolls over.  This is where parents start to say things like “now, come on…y’all stop goofin’ off” but only because we are so conditioned to get our kids to act a certain way for pictures.  And yes, sometimes it is necessary to call a child down to get them to stand still for a split second in the family portrait.  But I always want to allow time for play and capture what happens “between” the normal shots — because sometimes those images capture exactly the personalities and moments we want to remember.

make sure you notice that shot with Daddy where her tongue is sticking out…


Happy Six Months, HJ — we’re gonna turn around and watch you take your first steps!