What is my Value? 

Once upon a time, I accidentally stumbled into running the beginnings of a successful business because I valued myself and my work. I was already supported full time by my husband, so hire me if you want my work– or don’t. I was gonna be okay.

This mentality somewhat haphazardly connected me with people that DID value my work and paid me for it.

Fast forward five years and I was going through the massive transition of divorce and wondering how I would support myself. Suddenly I’m desperate for work and I lower my value… And the business soon begins to reflect that fear.

I’m painfully learning how fear puts a low ceiling on your potential and no one– no. One– hear me?? Not one single person Will value your work if you don’t value yourself. It seems “catch-22” in the sense that you’re needing their business, so you play to their wants… But that doesn’t get you off the ground.

Ultimately you have to decide how YOU value yourself and your product and your service– in order to stay sustainable.

The people that don’t agree with how you’ve valued yourself are not your customers. And that is okay. Value yourself. Don’t live and die by every opinion of what and how and at what price you are doing business.

Business minded people will read such blurbs and say… “Duh.” Mm. I know. As a creative thinker my business brain has taken about a decade to even remotely catch up to my more dominant bend.