Educators are awesome.

My sister is a teacher.  Some of my closest friends are teachers.  One in particular in special education — with three babies of her own.  She’s a unicorn.  A mythical creature that you stop believing exists until you finally stumble upon one in person.

Some people struggle to reign in their own children — and yet incredible men and women take on the job everyday starting at probably an average of 5:30am… of reigning in, loving on, and education our children.  Errbodyelse’s babies.  I’m literally shaking my head as I type, because these are very good people.

And I know you had a teacher that you didn’t care for …I had one.  But consider the percentage of teachers over the course of your education that touched your life in a way that has stuck with you to this very day.  So much larger is the number, right?  Easily a dozen for me — selfless people that get that the big picture is…bigger.  Children are so very important.

Thank you so much to our awesome educators in Albertville…of which these two special ladies are working with the youngest of youngins…