“Big Eyes”, Snapchat, and great news for Generation Alpha…

Today, every one and their grandmother can visualize themselves as a doe-eyed companion to snow white with the ease of apps like snapchat.

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I could ramble on about the cultural significance of these seemingly silly past times, but I’ll get right to the point of this post.  I’m reflecting this morning on how I am so very hopeful for my daughter’s generation.  Both my son and my daughter are part of a generation apparently being dubbed as “Generation Alpha” and I love the idea of starting over.  Being able to see my kid’s labeled as a new beginning instead of this lost and muddy “Gen X” or now satirized to oblivion , my generation, the “Millennials”…

So what significance does a smartphone app like snapchat hold for my babies’ generation?  A broad sweep of laughter and poking fun at the incredible technology that brings us the glossy, carbon copies that are Victoria’s Secret models.  …huh?

Let me explain.  For the first time, an entire generation of young women will grow up with the FULL and totally transparent understanding of what it means to be “photoshopped”.  Not just my own daughter (because her mother has the “behind the scenes” ability to make certain she understands) but all of her peers will see and USE the same technology that has created picture perfect super models for the last two decades.  Not only will they know…they will laugh.  I hope and pray.

Ever stop to think about how Marilyn Monroe’s iconic status has only grown with every generation sinmarilyn_whitesuitce her own?  It’s because of her realistic representation of actual women.

Look at this gorgeous woman… Do you see anything as disgustingly unrealistic as a “thigh gap” here?  No.  You don’t.  Because mature women that eat healthy, nutritional diets and exercise don’t have them without already having the genetics.  Listen to me — You. Can Not. Control. Your Hip Size.


So I put my iphone in “selfie” mode – right in front of my baby girl’s precious little face …and just like the liquify tool in Photoshop, this app takes her already large eyes and makes them bug out to enormous proportions.  And we laugh.  Because that’s just silly.


It is silly, baby girl.  As is wasting your life trying to re-sculpt your already perfect shape into someone’s twisted view of feminine vulnerability… thigh gap.  concave clavicle.  bony spine.  narrow shoulders.

Here’s to seeing Generation Alpha grow up with realistic expectations of health, happiness, and finally –once and for all– shutting up that negative self-talk that tells us we are anything less than beautiful.