Do you sell digital images?

This has become the question of the decade…with social media being the number one route for sharing new portraits with friends, the client understandably wants to know if they will get copies of their images in the digital format.

I’ve sold only prints.  I’ve sold only digitals.  I’ve priced my work every which way possible.  I’ve struggled for the last TWO years to come up with something that pleases the client, pays the bills, and keeps me inspired.

Without prints I LOSE my MOJO.  It would be like dedicating your life to baking, only to never taste your own confections… ponder with me for a moment how depressing that would be…okay stop! *shivers*

In my roughly 10 years of experience with pleasing my clients, the biggest struggle has been how to most efficiently go from shoot to “prints in your hands and on your walls”.  We all know that if we have more time to decide…we will take it…and likely never even follow through with the big picture vision of getting our memories printed, framed, and up for the generations to enjoy.  Digital files are no replacement for having the perfect memory beautiful displayed in your home.

So I’ve taken the average images that my clients choose to print from their sessions, (5, 10, or 20) and I’ve made a commitment to print ALL OF THEM.  Every single time.  And mat every single one.  So that you can choose from what we ACTUALLY want to put on your walls.  WHY?  Because that’s me getting to “eat the cake”.  Recharge my batteries.  Seeing the best of my work ready to present in print…it keeps me going.

…so what about the digital copies?  Every single 6×9 matted print you purchase from KAYDEE.PHOTOGRAPHY comes with a digital copy ready to print up to 8×10.  So you’re covered for gift prints for the family and all of your online sharing needs.

What about the prints I don’t purchase?  Just like I would archive your digital originals, I will archive your prints in case you decide to purchase more down the road.  I will also use them in my presentation portfolios…

I hope this helps explain the ins and outs and whys of how I do business… Some would argue there is no need to post such explanations and I get that.  But I wanted to.  So I did.

See you soon,

Kaydee =)