I Heart Editing -OR- “What am I paying for again?”

It’s subtle.  On purpose.  I hope to share more of these examples with you in the future where you can see how the image comes “SOOC” (Straight Out Of Camera)  and where it ends up.

If the change from the first image to the last was drastic and in your face… then I’m not accomplishing my goal of capturing –on site– an image very close to the vision of the final product.

This is one of those rare moments where I get to feel like my days in the darkroom are actually paying off. haha!  Learning to dodge shadows with a piece of cardboard you cut out by hand and attached to an unfolded paper clip… or burning highlights with a failed print you rolled up into a cone… damn it was fun.  And I never even got really decent at it under the enlarger.

We are all trying to get to that point where the only edits being made on the final image are steps that can not be taken on site and within the camera.  And I’m still learning every single shoot.  That’s the best — the learning.  The growing.  I love it.