Esteban the Magnificent



This week was “Read Across America” week, and the school had their “Dress as your Favorite Book Character Day” on Friday.  JP’s favorite book character is “the crayon formerly known as Pea Green” from “The Day the Crayon’s Came Home”.  Poor, disgruntled Pea Green finally comes to terms with not being anyone’s favorite color OR vegetable for that matter…changes his name to “ESTEBAN the Magnificent”…and sets off to see the world.  It’s personification perfection.

My sister, Amy is a first grade teacher and introduced us to the crayon picture books when JP was just two years old.  We immediately fell in love with it’s off beat humor.  And with this second crayon installment, as a lover of all things design related, the combination of vintage postcards and kid inspired coloring… it just thrills me to no end.

I don’t want to go into any more details here, because if you don’t know these books you just need to read them for yourself!  If you are a parent, you know it can be difficult to find children’s books that you enjoy reading multiple times… and I never tire of these stories. Hearing my kids bust a gut laughing at the crayon’s silly shenanigans makes me look forward to hopefully a third adventure.

A personal thank you to author @DrewDaywalt

and illustrator @OliverJeffers

for their wonderful collaberation on these new classics for our kids.

***proud mama moment – this costume consisted of one foam cone, one piece of green paper, and a yellow bandana for the cape… totaling $3 plus tax.  All assembled with white gaffers tape I keep on hand in the studio and some black elastic.