About Kaydee

I shoot in a documentary style and specialize in capturing the “in-between” moments of your authentic reality. 

Consider me your very own commissioned, contemporary, family historian.

My hope for every family I shoot is to see them reconnect over a shared love of activity, each other, and to capture that connection in beautiful photographs to display with pride in their homes.

Your real life UP ON Your walls.

I want you in the pictures..because your kids will want you to exist in the pictures.

Prints are my passion.  I studied photography in the darkroom at the University of Alabama in Birmingham and then graduated in Tuscaloosa.  Putting that exposed paper down into the developer and watching those images appear before your eyes…there’s nothing like it.  And I’ve seen the Grand Canyon.  Twice.  I’m just sayin’, for me, I’m like a kid at Christmas.  Complete satisfaction in my work comes from the time spent finessing the final edit to the matted print ready for display.

Chefs taste their food, Musicians play their music, Photographers print their photographs.

Anything I can do to stay visually creative keeps me sane and I’m so thankful to all of my clients (who have become friends) for giving me the opportunity to help you preserve your memories in print.


*Our family captured by the — beautifully talented, Lauren Benson.