This page will be regularly updated…

1. What if I just want just one image? …If you know for certain out of need or budget restraint that you only want one image, I’m happy to meet you anywhere in Albertville, Alabama on location or in my studio for a total cost of $65.  We will take (yes literally) 5 minutes to get “the shot”.  I will show you the proof on the back of my camera before we leave the location or studio for you to approve.  On your approval of the image, you would then pay the $65 fee and I would then fully edit and send the file on to your email. 

2. After the lifestyle session print reveal, what do you do with the prints I don’t purchase? What do you do with digital copies that I DO purchase?  …I keep the hard copies for around a year and I keep the digital copies forever.  Of the very best 20 images that I took the time to edit and keep from your session, I will archive them in two separate locations.  Aside from two weddings that I shot very early on in my career and handed those discs off the the brides, I have kept every single image I’ve ever edited since 2004. Come hell or high-water, I hope to have your back if something ever happens to your memories that we created together.